Union Gospel Performance 2013


Dr. Kern performed again this year in the October UGM benefit concert. He made up a parody to “Taking Care of Business” to help open this year’s show at the Washington Center for Performing Arts.    The new title was “Taking Care of Patients” and the production included 4 dentists, 4 mock patients, and 5 other dental personnel as “Go Go dancers”, 1970’s style, all backed up by the Olympia Jazz Senators. 

The UGM Dental Clinic is the only community dental clinic that provides free dental care to the needy. Dr. Kern has supported this cause for 11 years and has been part of the benefit show for 7 years.   The benefit raised over $30,000 in money to support the dental clinic. Dr. Kern personally donated $11,000 to help sustain clinic operations, and he has treated large numbers of their patients since the clinic was established in 2000.  The benefit concert is a fun way to bring support from the dentists and community to raise awareness and funds for this worthy cause. Dr. Kern is honored to support the Union Gospel Mission and loves to be a part of the show each year!!!





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